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Times change Times change

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love the idea that these are two artists (cave & graffiti artists) from different times, competing with each other. I assumed the challenge would mean people fighting each other, I love this way of being 'versus' one another. And they both have determined attitudes on their faces. I also love how the cavewoman is shorter and squatter, as you can see how we have evolved over the years. Great attention to detail, and great cave painting too!

upatrono responds:

Thank you very much fellow artist :) I am excited that you not only noticed all the main messages I put in this drawing but also shared your detailed opinion via comment. I do appreciate all kinds of reviews in general. Critiques show me what I've done wrong to fix them later and positive reviews motivate and remind me what am I drawing for _ delivering messages through art.
Thank you once again for a very sweet comment :)

Prediction on vase Prediction on vase

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love that you have put this on a vase, as the others have said, very original, and I love the detail on the characters themselves. It has the style you would expect of old art on an ancient vase, so you kind of have to take a double-take when you notice that's Iron Man! I love it!

bshykh responds:

Thank you for good feedback )))

" so you kind of have to take a double-take when you notice that's Iron Man!"
So i reach my goal to stylise moder character in acien appiarence. First there was a Spiderman, but his appiarence was even harder to read, it was so alike as Akhiles in shapes and ornamen, so I decided to replace him with someone with more different shapes.

Cavemen Vs. Robot (DWJ Submition) OLDVNEW Cavemen Vs. Robot (DWJ Submition) OLDVNEW

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I love the stars and how you have made them glow, even adding a few constellations. You've given the imposing robot great attitude as he looks down angrily at the determined natives. You've filled the characters with personality, I don't think the cavemen stand a chance, but I love them. I can't believe this is your first work! Well Done!

Joshamawaka responds:

Thank you so much! It is my first time doing work like this. I have used photoshop before, but just not to make something from scratch! But thanks for your support :)